donderdag 30 oktober 2014

Inspiration trend | Oversized Sweater

Hi everyone,

Today was my last day at the Invito. It's such a fun year, I've learnt a lot and the best of all my colleagues are awesome haha!! Thuesday will be my first at the Levi's store, excited! Now it's time for a new inspiration trend post. The bigger the better for this trend: The Oversized Sweater.

I love the big sweaters which can wear also as a dress. You can combine it then with some tight knee boots and a fedora hat or make more casual with a white blouse under it and a skinny jeans. Here some of my favorite streetstyle outfits and wear you can buy them :) How would you wear it? Let me know :)

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Hi allemaal,

Vandaag is mijn laatste dag aangebroken bij de Invito. Het voelt zo raar om afscheid omdat ik een super leuk jaar heb gehad, veel heb geleerd en mijn collega's zijn awesome haha!! Dinsdag begin ik bij de Levi's, spannend maar heb er zin in! Nu heb ik voor een nieuwe inspiratie trend post. Deze trend is de groter de beter: The Oversized Sweater.

Ik vind de sweater dresses echt super tof. Draag hem met een paar overknee laarzen en een fedora hoed of draag het meer casual met een witte blouse erover en een skinny jeans. Hier zijn een paar van mijn favoriete streetstyle looks en waar je ze kunt vinden. Hoe zou jij het dragen?
Laat het mij weten :)

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€ 19.95

€ 24,99

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€ 49,99

dinsdag 28 oktober 2014

Outfit | Do The Dungarees

Hello sweet readers, 

A new and exciting week has started. My last workweek at the Invito is here. I'm really excited to start by the Levi's store but I'm also really going to miss my colleagues and the store. Today I'm showing you guys a new look which I allready wanted to share with you a while ago. Never thought that I would like this item that much, the dungarees!

zondag 26 oktober 2014

Outfit | Borrowed from Daddy

Hi everyone, 

Weekend always goes by so fast. Yesterday was my farewell party at the Invito because I starting with my new job next week at the Levi's store. I'm really excited about it! We shot this new outfit today. I borrowed this blouse from my father, It's awesome right? Hope you like it!

donderdag 23 oktober 2014

Inspiration trend | Knee-High Boots

Hi sweet readers,

You know those days when you just need some comfortable clothes, a blanket and a hot chocolate milk? Well I've that kind of day and enjoying it while I'm making my homework and blogging. It's getting a lot colder outside so that hot chocolate makes my day haha. Today It's time for a new inspiration trend. A trend that I see a lot in the fashion scene at the moment: Knee-High Boots!

maandag 20 oktober 2014

Outfit | Print and Grey

Hi everyone, 

Fall is finally here! It's much colder and they prenouched a storm for tonight so staying on the couch with a blanket and some hot chocolate tonight :). Yesterday I've finished my first project at school. I was really happy about the end result and I got great comments on it so hope I will get a good beoordeling. I shot this new outfit last weekend when it was 23 degrees. So here is my last bare legged outfit! 

zondag 19 oktober 2014

Collection | Primark Christmas 2014

Hi everyone,

It's still only about 2 monts but then It's so far.............. then It's time for Christmass. How I love the christmass tree, lights, family meetings but also the new christmass collection for Primark. I don't think that all the pieces are really '' christmassy " but I do like a lot.

donderdag 16 oktober 2014

Outfit | Walk in the Forest

Hi sweet readers, 

When I watched the news this morning I saw that on Sunday it will 22 degrees outside. So I'm going to enjoy it the fullest with some bare legs, yeaaaah!! Off course I will show my outfit with you guys :) I shot this new outfit a few days ago when it was a bit colder outside. I always love to walk in the forest so quite and piecefull. Here is the outfit that I wore that day, Hope you like it!